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Bike Training
Improve Your Skills and Increase Your Power

Private and Semi-Private Cycling Skills Camps
At Folsom Lake Multisport, we believe that superior cycling skills lead to greater performance potential.  Coach Mike offers both private and semi-private cycling lessons, and is happy to help you and your training partners understand how to get the most out of your machine so that you can conquer the road and excel on race day.  Private camps start at $60/hour.  Semi-private camps start at $100/hour.  Please contact us to schedule your camp today!  Popular topics include:

  • Climbing and Descending
  • Cornering and Holding Speed
  • Gear Selection
  • Pedal Stroke Efficiency
  • Sport Specific Strength Training

Bike Maintenance Classes
At Folsom Lake Multisport, we understand that a clean machine is a fast machine!  Maintaining your equipment is an easy way to ensure your safety and guarantee that your training efforts will pay off on race day.  Small group bike maintenance classes start at $100/hour.  Please contact us for availability.  Popular topics include:

  • Fixing Flats and Changing Tires
  • Adjusting Brakes and Changing Pads
  • Cleaning Frames and Drivetrains
  • Switching Cassettes
  • Packing Travel Cases

Cycling Clubs
Are you looking for riding partners?  Do you need to find new routes or challenge your fitness against other cyclists?  Consider these popular cycling clubs:

Popular Routes

Are you looking for new areas to explore?  Consider the following routes, and please note that areas surrounding these routes offer excellent variations as well:
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