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Performance Coaching
Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

At Folsom Lake Multisport, we understand that no two athletes are alike, so we take pride in crafting our training solutions to match the unique needs of each individual.  Our innovative methods are proven to maximize the return on your training investment, and will have you training harder, recovering faster and performing better than ever before!!!

Performance coaching contracts cost $200/month for three-sport athletes, $150/month for two-sport athletes, $125/month for single-sport athletes, and include the following services:

  • Season Planning Consultation
  • Detailed Daily Workout Prescriptions (planned around your life schedule)
  • Unlimited Plan Revisions (because stuff happens)
  • Unlimited Phone/Email/Text Support
  • Continuous Athlete Monitoring via Interactive Training Logs
  • Periodic Nutrition Advice
  • Strength Training Recommendations
  • Discounts on Personal Swim/Bike/Run Training Services
  • Contract Discounts for Lump Sum Payments
  • Discounts Available for Members of Various Local Triathlon Clubs

Please contact us to get started today!

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