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Run Training
Leave Your Competition Behind

Private and Semi-Private Stride Development Lessons

At Folsom Lake Multisport, we know that running puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body.  Proper stride mechanics are essential for staying injury free, going farther, and going faster.  Coach Mike offers both private and semi-private running lessons, and is happy to help you and your training partners understand how to get the most out of your body so that you can conquer the run on race day.  Private lessons start at $60/hour.  Semi-private lessons start at $100/hour.  Please contact us to schedule your lesson today!  Popular topics include:
  • Body Position and Foot Placement
  • Upper Body Action
  • Lower Body Action
  • Warm-up and Activation Drills
  • Sport Specific Strength Training

Running Groups
Are you looking for running partners?  Do you need to find new routes and trails or challenge your fitness against other athletes?  Consider these popular running groups:

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