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Seminars and Guest Speaking
Knowledge is Power

At Folsom Lake Multisport, we go the extra mile to ensure that athletes are educated about, and are able to make wise decisions regarding their training and racing lives.  Coach Mike is happy to speak with your group about a wide range of topics, and is passionate about keeping athletes up to date on the state of endurance sports.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.  Popular topics include:

  • Season Planning and Training Periodization
  • Managing Training Stress and Recovery
  • Mileage Building Strategies
  • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
  • Nutrition Habits to Support Training
  • Fundamentals of Swimming
  • Open Water Skills
  • Bike Maintenance
  • Cycling Skills
  • Using the Trainer to Your Advantage
  • Running Form
  • Using the Treadmill to Your Advantage
  • Transition Efficiency
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