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Swim Training
Speed and Efficiency via Superior Technique

Private and Semi-Private Stroke Development Lessons
At Folsom Lake Multisport, we understand that technique will take you further than fitness when in the water.  Proper technique is vital when attempting to swim greater distances, produce faster splits, or challenge rough conditions.  Coach Mike is a stroke development specialist, and offers both private and semi-private swim lessons to help you and your training partners conquer the water.  Take your understanding to the next level by using our underwater video analysis option.  Private lessons start at $60/hour.  Semi-private lessons start at $100/hour.  Add video analysis to your lesson for $20/athlete.  Please contact us to schedule your lessons today!  Popular topics include:

  • Body Position and Alignment
  • Entry Points and Mechanics
  • Kicking
  • Hip, Core and Shoulder Rotation
  • Catch and Pull Mechanics
  • Breathing and Timing
  • Sport Specific Strength Training

Performance Swim Training with Coach Mike
Challenge your swim fitness at one of Coach Mike's masters swim workouts, where swimmers of all ability levels are welcome.  Look for him on deck at the following locations and times:

  • California Family Fitness, Rocklin Club: M/W/F 5:30-6:30am

Other Masters Swim Programs
Swim with the sharks at these US Masters workouts:

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